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  • James Mitchell

Golden Opportunity: The Last Chance to Qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa for Only EUR 280,000

Portuguese Golden Visa
Portuguese Golden Visa

If you've been considering investing in Portugal's Golden Visa (GV) program, there's never been a more critical time to act than now. The Portuguese Government is set to revise its Golden Visa regulations, which will see the qualifying investment amount nearly double from 280k EUR to 500k EUR. However, the exact timeline for this revision remains somewhat uncertain, as the approval of the new law could take anywhere from two weeks to two months.

For prospective investors, this current ambiguity in the timeline offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the existing GV program conditions, thereby potentially saving hundreds of thousands of euros. As it stands, clients have two clear options:

Option 1: Wait and Pay Later

Investors could choose to wait for the new law to come into effect, paying the higher fee of 500k EUR via the Venture Capital (VC) Fund route. Although this involves a greater investment, the revised law promises to bring along new benefits that could further enhance the appeal of Portugal's Golden Visa program.

Option 2: Act Now and Save

The alternative option for investors is to proceed with the GV application right away, at the existing rate of 280k EUR. This presents a significant saving and a very high likelihood of qualifying at this level due to the current legislation.

In an unpredictable scenario where the President approves the new law before your application is submitted, don't fret - we have you covered. You will be offered two further options: a) a full refund or b) the chance to continue your application with our Golden Visa Development Partner, Mercan, via their Fund, albeit at the increased rate of 500k EUR. This approach ensures that your investment remains secure and flexible, no matter how the legislative landscape changes.

A Golden Investment Opportunity

The latest investment project on offer through Mercan, an esteemed developer in Portugal, is the development of a luxurious Hilton Resort in the picturesque region of Algarve. This project opens up a unique opportunity for only 300 investors. In this venture, not only are you investing in a reliable asset, but also enjoying a slice of Portugal's unrivaled charm. The process to apply for the GV through this project is streamlined and swift, with a typical application taking only 7-10 days. This quick turnaround is another advantage of opting for the GV program right now, given the imminent changes in the law that might lead to longer processing times.

Added Benefits

Choosing to invest in the Hilton Resort project comes with an array of enticing benefits. First and foremost, investors will be entitled to a 7-day free stay at the resort each year - an exclusive opportunity to soak up the sun and experience the best of Portuguese hospitality.

In addition, the VAT and Property Transfer Tax (IMT) will be covered by the developer, which translates into an immediate saving of over 20k EUR. This means that, right from the start, your investment goes directly into the asset itself, without being diluted by tax obligations.

Moreover, the project offers a buyback in Year 6 at the same initial investment amount of 280k EUR. This provides a unique safeguard for your investment, ensuring that you have an exit strategy in place if your circumstances or plans change.

Finally, it's worth noting that by investing through Mercan, we're partnering with the largest Golden Visa developer in Portugal, with assets over 1BN EUR. This ensures the stability and reliability of your investment, providing peace of mind alongside considerable financial advantages.

Take Urgent Action Now to Secure Your Portuguese Golden Visa

Time is running out. This is your LAST CHANCE to secure an EU Passport without physical residency, tax-free overseas income, and capital gains. Don't let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers. Contact us NOW to secure your future. The landscapes of Portuguese, Europe, and a safe and tax-efficient future are just a click away!


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